Manohari Abesekera inducted as New President 2019-20
22nd AGM guests being ushered
Post Budget 2018 Forum
Exco 2019-20
In the calendar  of the Alumni Association, the first event the president has to chair is the annual brainstorming session. Rightly so, because it is at this session that the president unveils his plan for his year and  when the committee adds useful suggestions to enhance the programme.
The committee assembled in Wadduwa, out of Colombo's reach,where they could conduct business sans the hindrance of their home and office.
The day began with an interactive session led by Mahesh Perera on presentation skills.He required the members to talk about themselves focusing on life-changing moments and why they decided to join the Ex-co.Very lively mind-arousing submissions were made.Mahesh capped the session with possitive comments for improving  skills.
Mahesh next took the participants outside to test their skills in team work and ingenuity.All enjoyed  this part of the programme.
In the next session, Lalith Sumanasiri , Past President spoke of lessions learnt from his year, a very useful session for all where he emphasised the moments that could have brought greater success if only the
committee had done these differently.
Following this , the president laid out his plan for the year.There will be the pre and post budget seminars, the management conference, evening lectures,liason with the University,and the MBA Night. In addition he proposed that we have special development programmed for members.It is necessary to add value to members in order to attract them for programmes.
New programmes he suggested were career guidance seminars and CSR programmes within the mission,The committee also accepted the appointments of committee chairmen and members.
The programme was conducted over 2days with over 90% attendance.
Upali Ratnayake