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Law Ethics and Compliance -Workshop held by MBA Alumni Association, University of Colombo on 27th September 2016 -   A Synopsis by Upali Ratnayaka

I never imagined that lawyers could appeal to my heartstrings and my emotions so powerfully
Dilrukshi spoke of the need of all citizens to be part of anti corruption.It must be in our DNA and must begin at home.
She traced bribery legislation from the last century and said that the first Bribery Act was passed in 1954 by Sir John.
She said that her life can be in danger but she would carry on because nothing can alter your date of death.
Weliamuna followed. He showed the weakness of the system and law's delays.
Dr Harsha showed how even under this government there is corruption everywhere and  gave the example of a road he was building and how it was sub-standard.
Harsha  Fernando  stated the background to corruption and encouraged us as professionals to a take a closer look at the problems involved.He spoke of the extent of the problem of money laundering.
We were pleased that we were able to get Handunnetti. He told us the limitations of Parliament but if he cannot do his job, , the failure will affect the entire process .He has no judicial power but he has the power to investigate and report. He regretted that  one of his members is currently in remand.
Chandra Jayaratne closed the session with a scathing attack on professionals such as accountants, bankers.He had case information of professionals signing without due care and of a banker who got gunny bags of money from a drug dealer.
Nisthar was the moderator.
During his speech Handunnetti said that more people should participate in this kind of seminar to broaden awareness.I suggest we take this suggestion and
1 appoint a committee to meet Handunnetti
2Talk to Transparency International Law Soc, IOD, ICA
3 Have a day's programme
4 Record it.
Our committee is good.They supported it and came in numbers.

Most who participated were encouraged and went back inspired

Law and compliance