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"Leadership Thoughts from Behind the Wicket" a Presentation by Kumar Sangakkara

At a lecture organized by the MBA Alumni Association of University of Colombo, Kumar Sangakkara showed how his family and genuine friends were responsible for his success.

Kumar was introduced to the gathering of over 100 alumni by the Association's president, Sarmaa Mahalingam.

Kumar revealed to the audience how much his father influenced his career by doggedly practicing with him for long hours despite his mother's pleas to his father to send the poor boy to breakfast before he faints. It is this determination of his father that later took him on to strive, to struggle and not to yield. He said that practice is essential to keep up. One must also be able to change strategy according to the situation because what causes a win today may not apply the next day.

He stressed that leadership in life depends on secure relationships

He went on to explain that his success was ensured by the sincere and unvarnished critique of the family and followers. Therefore, one must build good connections and good communications observe the surroundings and engage positively with it. There would be many who praise you today and spurn you tomorrow.

There is no such thing as luck. There is of course a higher order of things and this is evident in his life when he irrationally went to NCC instead of CCC even though he was scheduled to go there.

 He said he refused the post of High Commissioner because he was not trained or suited for the said position. Just as much as when he chose his team, he would choose the best man for the job he felt that there were so many others who would do the job far better than him because they prepared themselves for the post.

He also said that one must look after those who work for you. It is they who make your leadership and venture operable and possible.