Colombo MBA Alumni Association takes off with holistic lifestyle lecture by Deepal Sooriarachchi.


Alumni members gathered at the Victoria in Kingsbury to listen to Deepal sooriarachchi, the motivational guru talking about "One Life, One Meeting." He said he learnt this principle from the Japanese.


When a guest arrives at a home, the host will welcome him with many bows and the guest will return the bows with the same dignity. Both the host and the guest are aware that this may be the last meeting between them because no one knows what may befall them the next moment. There is no guarantee that you may not fall dead suddenly. Therefore they treasure their meeting and pay complete attention to their meeting and to each other. Bowing to one another has deep significance in the Japanese way of life. Each believes that the other has potential to rise to highest plane in life and therefore one is bowing to a future great personality.


Deepal suggests that we too treasure each of our moments giving complete attention to the one with whom we are engaged, be it wife, child or a friend. Grasp the moment as it is the last, he says. Engage in that particular moment and forget the other involvements such as your work and your office. You create a myth that the office cannot do without you. In fact you are replaceable and the office will go on. In life, you play many roles. In the office you may be CEO, but when you come home you will have to take your garbage to the dump. Live that moment forgetting the rest of your life, he says. It is because we don't do this that are distracted, confused and stressed, because we don't let go. Enjoy the journey of life while you are in it just like the Siripada climbers who don't care whether there is a footprint up there but are full of camaraderie while on the way. See how you help the other in your journey of life. If you want to be a doctor it is because you want to help the sick and save the dying, not to earn. If you want to be an engineer it is to build a hospital.


The event was held on 31st of August at 6.30 pm. Those who came are now eagerly waiting for the next evening talk which will be soon.


Upali Ratnayake