Members' Night 2015

MBA Night 2015 - A Synopsis
by Chris Corea
Dear Waruna, Prabath, Dilmini, Chandima, Old Hands and all the MBA night organizers and helpers.
It was indeed a great event with about the right mix of speeches and revelry.
Fantastic organizing of photograph, gifts (branded umbrella and cap, goody bag), name tags, bites(plenty of nuts!), booze(in plenty), event prizes, dancers etc etc.
There were lots of banners in the hall and ad spots on the screen – must have been lucrative in terms of sponsorships – and hard work to collect.
The band was great and did not want to stop even at 2 in the morning !
Imani’s batchmates (I think they were) had a ball although Imani herself was a notable
absentee on the dance floor !!
I would say one of the most enjoyable MBA nights I have attended (not counting the occasion when MBA night at Taj – On Golden Pond coincided with the eve of my 50 th birthday – and all sang Happy Birthday at midnight !!)
GREAT JOB - many thanks to all concerned.

By Upali Ratnayaka

Dear Member,
We have to thank the president and the committee for giving us an opportunity to meet greet and discover that we still can cut the mustard. Oh how I wish the others were there. On and off we must turn our ankles and bandy nonsense.we saw a new kid on the block the fair Dhilmini organising. Of course her mother does not trust her. So she came along just to keep a watchful eye that no nasty MBA will snatch her.
I am happy that Mr Johnny Walker re appeared.He was the chief guest while PSM was also there. Great that Dean was also present. Something good will now happen to us.
Thank you for taking so much trouble in getting ads and devoting your time to ensuring that we had a good time.

Upali from the boundary line.